What Makes The Effingham WiFi Club Different?

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Published: 05th February 2017
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What Makes Us Different?

First we have to look at what we are not,we are not some get rich, over night website, that offers you a products that do not work.

All of our products that have been sold in the past have reviews, this allows you to make a better choice before your purchase.

Most people who do their shopping online can spend hours searching for that product,services, or going website to website to see what others have experienced, before and after the purchase.

The Effingham WiFi Club,Offers the freedom to search for products right inside the WiFi store. This Saves you time and money, you will have a peace of mind knowing you purchased a top quality product.

What Makes Us Different

We test and use the WiFi equipment on a daily basis.
Products come with a guarantee from the moment of the purchase to the delivery to your home.
Free shipping on orders over $35.00
The Most cost effective way to enjoy "free Internet and HDTV."
DYI products, for the do it yourself projects.
Effingham WiFi Club, offers Free products and informational tools that you can use.
We are easy to find we are on the top of all the major search engines and social sites.
We are Supporters of free to air waves "Internet for all."

Become part of something that is as important as the Internet it's self !
According to the Washington Post there are 40 million Americans that do not or can not connect to the Internet. There are over 40 billion through out the world, can you imagine if you suddenly lost your connection what your life would be like!

Please send an email to the Federal Communication Commissioners asking to support, Internet For All.

Dream, Imagine, Believe!

1. I have a dream that we all can make a difference in someones life.
2. I imagine a world that can all have the same freedom to share the internet.
3. I believe it will be soon!

In closing I just want to add that these are the topics I write about, I look forward in hearing from you
Please visit the Effingham Wifi Club

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